1. Aston Martin gets spotted at the ‘Ring with a camouflaged Vantage: is it a new special edition or THE very new Vantage, featuring an AMG engine?

  2. The belgian circuit Spa-Francorchamps is going to unleash the hell against…Infiniti, for using their corner’s name for the Q50 peppered version: they actually want to sue them for real, because, according to the belgians “Infiniti is trying to steal our name for their cars” and not really, like normal people would think, japanese are trying to pay tribute to this circuit…

  3. Alpine has shown the first sketches of their new GT Vision Concept, that isn’t featuring anything spectacular at first glance, but if you look deeper, you’ll see a little drawing explaining how it works.

    Very shortly, there will be the entire nrear axle turning around the pivot placed on the front axle and, only God know how, this should improve the car’s handling.

  4. To celebrate its victory in this year’s DTM, BMW has created the M4 DTM Champions Editions: it’s limited to 23 units(the number of Wittmann’s car), and it features a livery inspired by the racing car, with some carbon and DTM-inspired details.

  5. EVO: KTM 450 EXC v Datsun 240Z rally car

  6. 1° Raduno Davide Cironi Experience.

  7. Audi unveiled the Audi Sport TT Cup, from 2015 associated to the DTM, that sees 24 TTs on the grid, eighteen of which can be driven by everybody…everybody fast enough to apply for it and rich enough to pay for it.

    The car in question is based on the TTS, having the same alluminium body, the same six speed S-tronic ‘box and also the same engine, the 2.0 litre 4 pot 310 PS engine.

    There are however a lot of improvements: it only weighs 1125 kilos, it gains extra 30 PS from the push to pass function and it has an electronically differential variable from the cockpit.

  8. Have you ever wondered what is the cheapest racing car…in Canada?

    At 19,998 canadian dollars(17,807 USD), there no match for this Nissan Micra, prepared with Nismo stuff and FIA omologated…stuff by JD Motorsport, for 2 hours racing with 25 identically pathetic cars on the grid.

    Sadly though, unlike many race cars coming from road cars, this has a lot to do with the normal Micra: it has the same depressing engine and also the same “I-want-to-kill-myself” driving pleasure, so don’t expect a hot hatch canadians…

  9. The Mercedes S-Class is even a bigger success than what we thought: no S-Class has ever reached 100,000 units in its first year on sale, but this one did.

    According to Mercedes, it is mostly because of how quickly they made it available in every core market: Germany, China and America all in less than three months.

    Now they are still working on three new unknown variants(there might be also the convertible and the new Maybach), to fill the range with the Coupè and the Long wheelbase already on sale.

  10. The Renault RS 01 was spied in Monza: it’s a 1100 kilos racing car, with over 500 hp coming from the Nissan GT-R’s V6: not bad, huh?